Create as many temporary email addresses as you like, then delete them when you're done. Say goodbye to spam and marketing emails.

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Be an internet ninja 🥷

A powerful temp mail browser extension to cut through all that junk.

Inboxes is a Chrome Browser extension

It sits in the top of your browser and creates you new email addresses.

Unlike 10 minute mail addresses, creating a long lasting disposable email is as simple as opening the extension and copying the email address. All emails sent to that address will appear in the extension - saving your personal email from spam.

A screenshot of the Inboxes App chrome extension in the temp mail inbox screen
A screenshot of the Inboxes App chrome extension in the temp mail inbox screen

Hide your phone number

Upgrade to Inboxes Premium and get a new phone number for text messages.

Say goodbye to unwanted calls, spam messages, and sim-swaps. The Inboxes App extension lets you create a disposable phone number instantly, without the need for a physical SIM card.

Stay private online

Your email is your digital identity. Stop giving it out and start using disposable emails.

Create long lasting temporary emails

Use one email address per website. It's yours to keep, and when you're done hearing from a website, you can delete it. You'll never hear from them again.

Stop getting spammed

By using a temp mail, you won't have to share your personal email with websites you don't want to. You stay in control, and stay spam free.

Stop getting tracked online

Your email is the one constant that follows you around the internet. By providing temporary emails, you break that link. Now go forth, and be free!

Block annoying websites

No more "Log in to unsubscribe", "We'll be sad to see you go" or worse: *sad kitty picture*. All it takes is one click to delete a temp mail and block them.

Get a U.S based mobile phone number

Premium users get their own U.S based phone number to save them from having to share their own mobile phone number with websites. No more text spam!

Use your own domain name

Have your own website address? Great, you can use that too. As a Premium user, stay one step ahead of block lists by using your own domain name.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us answer some commonly asked questions.

What is a temporary email?
A temp mail or disposable email account is a great way to avoid getting spam in your personal inbox. You can create email addresses for free and use it to sign up to websites you may only want to use temporarily. By using a disposable email address, you are in control of whether you want to hear from them again or not.
Why should I use a temporary email address?
Marketers and spammers love to send unsolicited emails. They often sell valid email addresses and then try sell you stuff. By using a disposable email address or temp mail (like a 10 minute mail) you take control of how they can contact you. Because the email addresses are temporary, you can keep it for as long as you want, or delete the email address and never hear from them again.
Does a 10 minute mail keep me safe online?
Yes! Using a temporary email service or 10 minute mail service hides your information from website owners. In the case of a potential breach, the email you used to register will be anonymous and won't be linked back to you. A agreat tool at your disposal to improve your online security.
Can I send emails usign a temp mail address?
No, Inboxes App does not allow sending emails, nor do we allow file attachments. This is to prevent spam and abuse of the service, as well as to keeps things running smooth. Given the anonymous nature, it would attract bad actors which we don't want.
How do I get a temporary phone number?
Inboxes App offers paid users one U.S based mobile phone number (inbound messages only) to use online. This lets you sign up to websites which require a mobile phone or GSM number without having to give out your real phone number.
How long do my email addresses last?
Each throw away email address you create is yours to keep. You can keep it alive for as long or as short as you like. If you regularily use a website and need their emails, then don't delete the address. If you want to buy something online and then never hear from them again - go ahead and delete the email address.

Stop getting spammed

Download the extension now and start creating temp mails right away.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★   Rated 5 stars on the Chrome Store