What makes Inboxes App a great 10 minute mail alternative

Many people make use of 10 minute mail when they need a temporary email address when signing up to a website.

Here’s why you should get the Inboxes App browser plugin and start making use of long lived disposable emails, right from within your browser over a generic 10 minute mail service.

Inboxes App vs 10 Minute Mail: What are the differences

Inboxes app screen showing disposable emails in an extension based inbox where a 10 minute mail providers could not

10 minute mail websites are great to sign up and forget about a website, but sometimes you need access over a longer duration of time. Maybe you want to get notified of rental opportunities over the coming month, but you don’t want to give out your actual email. In situations like these, Inboxes App excels in comparison.

Inboxes App is a browser based extension. It sits in the top corner and lets you easily access your emails with one click. Every time you open the extension you’ll have a new email address ready and waiting to be used. All your email also will appear there and can be read from within the extension. This saves you having to find a random 10 minute mail provider and be bombarded by adverts.

Most 10 minute mail websites are the same, and offer the same functionality. Inboxes App allows you to customise your email address, keep it indefinitely, delete it when you’re done with it and save your personal email from junk mail.

Easily access your emails from your browser

Inboxes App is a browser extension. It sits in the top corner of your Chrome browser and shows you a little icon with the number of unread emails. Clicking on the extension shows you a new email address as well as your unopened emails.

Deleting an email address is as simple as clicking the “Delete inbox” button. Poof! You’ll never hear from that sender again.

Temporary email browser extension
» Start using disposable emails with the Inboxes App Chrome Extension «

Emails last indefinitely until you delete them unlike with 10 minute mail providers

Inboxes App allows you to keep your email addresses for as long as you wish. We won’t re-use it. When you’re finished hearing from a website you can delete the email address and you’ll stop receiving emails to that email address.

10 minute mail websites however only allow you to access the email for up to ten minutes, and then allow you to extend the access by a further 10 minutes. While this may be enough to get you signed up to websites, it allows the providers to re-use email addresses, and also prevents you from re-accessing the same email again should you need to reset a password or view an email.

Use your own website address

Inboxes App Premium allows you to use your own website address. By using your own website address you’ll be able to use a different domain for the email, therefore allowing you to avoid temp mail domain blocks.

Meanwhile, 10 minute providers do not allow this, and are quite often blacklisted on many websites.

You can receive SMS to a US Phone number

A new feature to Inboxes App Premium is US based temporary phone numbers. Websites are now requiring emails as well as phone numbers. In cases where you don’t want to share your personal phone number, you can use a temporary phone number.

Each premium account comes with its own unique phone number, meaning you don’t need to share yours with anyone else.

Data is stored in Europe

Finally, Inboxes App is by hosted in Europe. This was a conscious decision as it offers stricter privacy laws governing your data and offers the best for our users.

Posted: September 7, 2023 by Patrick


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