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How to set up Font Awesome 6 in you Chrome extension

Using Font Awesome is a quick and painless experience on the web, and yet for Chrome Extension devs we know that using any external dependencies can be a pain. While Manifest v3 (MV3) has added some complexities, in terms of imports I’ve actually found it easier to manage, especially in terms of using and upgrading Font Awesome.

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Random UK Address Creator

Some websites require a valid address and yet you still might not wish to provide your own, in this case you’ll want to use our random UK address tool.

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Best fake email extension for Chrome

Why should I use fake emails

Using a fake email extension for Chrome is a good way of keeping your personal email free of junk mail. By providing websites with a disposable email, or a fake email, you can be sure that even if they do send you countless emails, it will never fill up your inbox.

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How to get a disposable email address for free

Getting a disposable email address for free is easy and only takes a few moments. Unlike Gmail, Hotmail and the rest, temporary email services like Inboxes App make it exceptionally easy to create as many addresses as you like. By making it exceptionally easy to create as many as you need, you can stop giving out your own personal email and put a stop to spam for good.

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Start creating temporary email addresses with 🎉

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