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How to connect to hotel wifi by spoofing your mac address

Now that we’re all travelling more, and work from home (wfh) is more widely accepted, there are times you’ll be wondering how to connect to hotel wifi without handing over all your data. There’s multiple ways to do this, with some being a bit more questionable than others.

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How to http 301 redirect with CloudFlare Workers with code example

Moving domains is something you hopefully won’t ever have to do. It’s an easy way to mess with your SEO and a great way to fudge up your site. If you do however need to move domains and you want this to be permanent, then an HTTP 301 Moved Permanently redirect is what you’ll want. This is something I’ve had to do recently moving the website to, and while it’s not as straight forward as with nginx, it’s still not all that bad.

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MongoDB Serverless: a cautionary tale

I’ve been building microservices in Go and Mongo for work these past few years, and I’ve found that these two work great together. It’s great at letting you quickly build out new services, with the flexibility of a schemaless DB and the rigidity of a strongly typed and highly concurrent language. That’s why I decided to use Go and Mongo when building out, my disposable email Chrome extension.

My main gripe with Mongo in general is the hosting. It’s very expensive for what you get. mLab, the main competitor to MongoDB Atlas was bought out a few years ago by Mongo. They charge $15/gb for shared, or $180/mo for 2 GB. MongoDB Atlas charges $57/mo for 10GB which is more reasonable, but at $684 a year for a side project, that starts to get expensive. Sure there’s Shared which is cheaper, but I found my latency wasn’t all that great.

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What’s new in version 0.0.3?

Version 0.0.3 brings many changes under the hood, as well as more visible changes to users. Below you can find a brief summary of the changes which are now available to users:

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Start creating temporary email addresses with 🎉

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