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Temp Mail vs. Regular Email: Which is Better for Online Security?

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Are you tired of receiving spam emails in your inbox? Temp mail is a temporary email address that can help you avoid unwanted emails and protect your online privacy. Learn more about how temp mail works and how it can benefit you.

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How to Create a Fake Email Address in 2023

Having a fake email address can be handy for keeping your primary inbox free from spam and other unwanted messages. Creating a fake email address is easy and only requires downloading the Inboxes App Chrome extension, which allows you to recieve emails to random email addresses specific to your account.

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How to set up Font Awesome 6 in you Chrome extension

Using Font Awesome is a quick and painless experience on the web, and yet for Chrome Extension devs we know that using any external dependencies can be a pain. While Manifest v3 (MV3) has added some complexities, in terms of imports I’ve actually found it easier to manage, especially in terms of using and upgrading Font Awesome.

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Random UK Address Creator

Some websites require a valid UK address and yet there’s no obvious reason for why they require it, in this case you may wish to use our random UK address tool. By clicking the button below, you’ll get a new random address and random postcode every time.

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