Ditch the email username creator and use disposable emails!

how multiple ten minute emails all come to the same account

If you’re looking for a fancy new email username creator, why not do away with a new email address and instead use disposable emails instead?

It’s quite common to have two email addresses, a primary one you use for important stuff, and a second one you use for random junk. But you still end up with a humongous inbox full of crap and finding anything is always a challenge.

That’s why I built Inboxes App, a new type of ten minute mail. Rather than worry about using an email username creator to create a new email address, we create totally random email addresses for you!

You use them once per website, and when you’re done hearing from that website you can delete the email address so you’ll never hear from them again.

People using temporary emails for all sorts of reasons

Inboxes app screen showing disposable emails in an inbox

People just like you are using temporary emails every day. You might still want to use an email username creator if you’re getting started on the internet, but you’re most likely creating a new account for one of the following reasons:

Signing up for trials

Some times you want to try something before you commit to it. You then find out that the product isn’t exactly what you wanted… so you delete that email address and never hear from them again.

Staying anonymous

Maybe you need to fill out a form, but don’t want the website owner to know who you are. By using a ten minute mail alternative you can hear back from them, without giving them your real email address.

“Get my free product”

We all know those ones… you give you’re email away and then … Got ’em: You’re now in the marketing funnel and you can’t unsubscribe easily. If only you’d used an email address you can delete…

You need an account to continue

But do you? Most websites hide their content behind accounts to collect your information. By using temporary email addresses, you take back the control from these websites and say no to being another marketing opportunity.

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The internet is for… spam ?

It’s fair to say most filters do a good job, but when you sign up to legitimate newsletters they obviously will get through. They’re not spam. You did – after all – sign up for it. But now you want out and it’s just too much. This situationship is over.

With Statista reporting that in 2022 that 48% of all communications sent were classed as spam (down from 80% in 2011 (which alone is just crazy!) then it’s no wonder you want to shield yourself a little from the junk.

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But it’s not just emails…

Occasionally you’ll need to provide a phone number. What do you do in that case? What if they require an activation code? “Please enter the six digits sent to your phone number: 99999999999”. Crap 🙈

You could use your phone number, but if you’re looking for an email username creator then you’re probably not too keen on handing that out.

What if you could have a disposable phone number as well as a temporary email? How awesome would that be? Good thing it’s also in the Inboxes App browser extension 😉

Posted: February 14, 2024 by Patrick


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