How to Create a Throw Away Email Address

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Tired of giving out your email to every website just to read a blog post or to download a pdf? Wish you could just give them a random throw away email address and never hear from them again? That’s exactly why we built Inboxes App: a disposable email browser extension.

Managing multiple email accounts can be a pain, especially when you then need to log in and out of them, remember which account you gave, and then still get all the emails popping up on your phone. But what if you could read the email, then delete the email address. Never hear from them again?

Why Use a Throwaway Email Address?

What are the benefits of disposable emails

With a throwaway email, you can protect your personal inbox from unwanted junk by giving out an address that you control, but can also delete. So you don’t need to worry about annoying unsubscribe links that force you to log in, or them selling your email address on to another company. Because once you’re done with the email, you hit “delete address” and they’ll never be able to reach you again.

A screenshot of Inboxes App showing an email from BBC Good Food which was sent to a throw away email address

Protecting Personal Information

Your personal email might be [email protected] but do website owners need to know who you are? Probably not.

A throw away email address gives you privacy, because it’s creating you a random email address for every website you sign up to. So rather than joe.bloggs, you’re not [email protected]. Much better!

Avoiding Spam and Unwanted Emails

Your emails won’t go to your normal email address. Instead they’ll go to a small extension right there in your browser. When you need to create an email address, you click the button, copy the address and sign up to what ever website you want. When you’re ready to view the email, you then re-open the extension and it’s there.

» Start using disposable emails with the Inboxes App Chrome Extension «

Benefits of Using Throwaway Email Addresses

Anonymity and Privacy

Another good reason to make use of throw away email addresses is because websites get hacked all the time. Do you want your email to get leaked and shared all over the internet?

By using a disposable email, or temporary email you break the link between online accounts and you, getting your privacy back.

Many websites sell user data, and your email is the common link which builds the profile. By breaking that link, you remain private and take back control of your privacy.

Control Over Incoming Emails

Controlling incoming emails is easy. When you’re done hearing from a website, you simply delete the email address. That’s it.

We’ll delete the email address and they won’t be able to deliver any more emails to your Inboxes App inbox.

Easy Setup and Management

Getting set up with an Inboxes App throw away email address takes only a few minutes and is free.

  1. Use Google Chrome

    The Inboxes App Chrome Extension only works on Google Chrome.

  2. Visit the Inboxes App Chrome Store

    Install the Chrome Extension which should add a little button in the top of your browser.

  3. Pin the extension

    By right clicking and pinning the extension, you’ll be able to see the little notification badge indicating when you have an unread email.

  4. Click the extension to create a new email address and to view your emails

    When you open the extension, a new email address will be created. You can use a unique email address for each website and delete the address when you’re done.

When Should You Use a Throwaway Email Address?

Temporary throw away email accounts can be used in all sorts of places, however you definitely wouldn’t wan’t to use them in places which matter, such as bank accounts. For things such as signing up to newsletters, online registrations and news websites it’s pretty great though. You’ll be able to avoid the junk mail, and still access all the great content that you want to see.

When using a throwaway, you’re always best off saving the email address and login details to your browser or a tool such as 1Password or LastPass. If a website sends you too many emails, you can delete the email address, but continue to use the login you created. This way you don’t lose access and don’t get junk mail.

How many people use Inboxes App?

We’ve been around for a few years and have no plans on going anywhere. So far as of early 2024 we’ve processed over 7.4 million emails and have created over 49,000 email addresses for over 3,000 users. You can find out more about our usage stats on the Open Startup page.

Your data is hosted in Europe and we take privacy and security seriously. We don’t sell any of the data and in fact collect as little data as possible. This app was built with privacy in mind and will continue to do so.

» Start using disposable emails with the Inboxes App Chrome Extension «

Posted: March 5, 2024 by Patrick


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