How to Create a Fake Email Address in 2023

Having a fake email address can be handy for keeping your primary inbox free from spam and other unwanted messages. Creating a fake email address is easy and only requires downloading the Inboxes App Chrome extension, which allows you to recieve emails to random email addresses specific to your account.

Choose an email provider to create an account with.

There are a few different email providers to choose from, TempMail, Mailinator and Inboxes App. Using a provider which lets you keep the address and optionally discard it once you’re finished with it gives you additional privacy. Using your own custom domain is a good way to avoid being blocked from signing up to websites. Fake email address providers, also known as disposable email services, are often put on block lists to prevent users signing up using their services. By using your own domain, you can steer clear of those block lists and maintain your privacy.

Create a fake email to prevent tracking and spam emails from being sent to your inbox.

Creating a fake email address can help to keep your personal inbox clutter-free and tricks spammers. It also makes tracking who you are much harder. To set up a fake email address, you can download the Inboxes App Chrome Extension and get started without needing to sign up. You’ll then a new email generated for you right there and then. You can use this email for a specific website, and then generate a new email for another website. In doing this, you avoid websites and trackers from being able to fingerprint you across various websites.

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Reduce the spam you get in your personal inbox

Using a different fake email address for each website can help to reduce the amount of spam or unwanted emails you receive. Websites often share your email address with third-party companies who then send you promotional emails. This is called a Targeted Email Marketing and is often a service offered by marketing platforms. By using a different email address for each website, you can help to limit the number of unwanted emails you receive and prevent targeted email marketing.

There’s security implications too

By using a different email address for each website, you can reduce the risk of your personal information and password being compromised in a data breach. If one website’s security is compromised, only the information associated with that specific email address will be at risk. By using a unique fake email address for each website, you’ll be much safer if any data gets leaked.

Posted: January 17, 2023 by Patrick


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