What makes Inboxes App a great 10 minute mail alternative

Many people make use of 10 minute mail when they need a temporary email address when signing up to a website.

Here’s why you should get the Inboxes App browser plugin and start making use of long lived disposable emails, right from within your browser over a generic 10 minute mail service.

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Posted on: September 7, 2023 by Patrick

How to get a disposable email address for free

Getting a disposable email address for free is easy and only takes a few moments. Unlike Gmail, Hotmail and the rest, temporary email services like Inboxes App make it exceptionally easy to create as many addresses as you like. By making it exceptionally easy to create as many as you need, you can stop giving out your own personal email and put a stop to spam for good.

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Posted on: January 28, 2022 by Patrick

Why use temporary email addresses?

Inboxes App Temp Mail call to action

What are temporary email addresses?

Temporary email addresses are exactly what they sound like – temporary. While your normal email address might be many years old, a temporary email can last for as little as a few minutes. The addresses they generate are often quite random, but that’s okay as they’re only short lived and are often only used once. That means they’re easily copied, pasted then forgotten. Disposable email services often only allow you to receive emails in order to prevent abuse.

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Posted on: December 11, 2021 by Patrick

Stop getting spammed

Create as many temporary email addresses as you like, then delete them when you're done. Say goodbye to spam and marketing emails.

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