What’s new in version 0.0.3?

Version 0.0.3 brings many changes under the hood, as well as more visible changes to users. Below you can find a brief summary of the changes which are now available to Inboxes.app users:

  • View read emails: previously once emails were read they would be hidden. Out of sight, out of mind. Multiple users asked where their emails went and why they couldn’t find them anymore. The app as a result now has a ‘view read’ button in the bottom nav to allow users to view their previously read emails. (MVP baby!)

  • Simplification to the underlying app: the first releases of the app were build to validate the idea that users wanted disposable emails in their browser. With good numbers to suggest this, it’s now time to clear things up, improve how the app works and release a better, more stable version of the app.

  • Screens: Version 0.0.1-3 only had an inbox screen and a view email screen. The app need much more than this now, and it’s time to work towards allowing it to show various screens such as settings, premium features and read emails to name a few. While a lot of this isn’t visible, the app is in a much better place to offer many more features to users and a richer experience.

As always, as we approach 10,000 processed emails, thank you for using the app!

Posted on: December 11, 2021 by Patrick

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