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How to Keep Your Inbox Clean with a Burner Email

Get burner emails using the Inboxes App Chrome browser extension

Do you hesitate to sign up for online services or free trials because of the fear of receiving marketing emails and spam? If so, then a burner email can be a fix to that problem.

A burner email, also known as a disposable email or temporary email, is a unique email address that you can use for temporary purposes such as signing up for online services, registering for free trials, or downloading files. It helps you to protect your real email address from spam and phishing attacks.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about burner emails and how you can use one to protect your privacy online.

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How to: Safeguard Your Privacy with a Temporary Phone Number

In today’s digital age, it’s important to prioritise privacy and security when it comes to sharing personal information online. With the increasing number of data breaches and online scams, protecting our personal information has become more important than ever. One way to safeguard your privacy online is by using a temporary phone number, and the Inboxes App Chrome browser extension can help with that.

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How to set up Font Awesome 6 in you Chrome extension

Using Font Awesome is a quick and painless experience on the web, and yet for Chrome Extension devs we know that using any external dependencies can be a pain. While Manifest v3 (MV3) has added some complexities, in terms of imports I’ve actually found it easier to manage, especially in terms of using and upgrading Font Awesome.

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Best fake email extension for Chrome

Why should I use fake emails

Using a fake email extension for Chrome is a good way of keeping your personal email free of junk mail. By providing websites with a disposable email, or a fake email, you can be sure that even if they do send you countless emails, it will never fill up your inbox.

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