How to join BBC iPlayer without an email

BBC iPlayer is a video streaming service provided by the BBC. Much like Netflix, ITV hub and Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer provides original content and classics since 2007. The service works on desktops and mobile devices, and requires an account to view its content which is why many might like to sign up and join bbc iplayer without an email address.

bbc iplayer

In the first quarter of 2021, iPlayer had 1.7 billion streams in the first three months of the year, with The Serpent and Line of Duty being the top viewed shows. With many more great shows, this streaming platform has been a source of entertainment for many during the recent restrictions.

What channels can I get on BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer also once hosted BBC iPlayer Radio, which has since spun off into BBC Sounds. Since 2011, the platform has started showing content from other mainstream channels such as ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, Channel 4, Film4, Channel 5 and more.

Frequent questions:

Do I need a TV license to watch BBC iPlayer?

Yes. To view any BBC content you will need a TV License. That includes TV and streaming.

Does content expire on BBC?

Yes. BBC often only keep content available for a short periods of time.

Do I need to register to view content on BBC iPlayer?

Yes. You will need a BBC Account and state you are a license payer before you can view content.

Can I sign up to BBC iPlayer without giving my real email address?

Yes. Using you can use a generated email and not provide them with your real email.

What’s a valid UK postcode?

SW1A 1AA is a valid UK postcode which would be accepted by online services, you can also use the Random UK Address Generator to find more.

What is needed to run BBC iPlayer?

To use iPlayer, you’ll either need a desktop with an up to date browser like Google Chrome or FireFox, or an Android or iOS device with the BBC iPlayer app. Using the mobile apps allows you to save content for offline viewing. The BBC Sounds portion of the webite does not need an app and can be accessed using your web browser.

How can I join BBC iPlayer without an email?

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to register to BBC iPlayer without giving an email

  1. Visit the BBC iPlayer registration page

  2. Enter a date of birth

  3. Where it asks for your email, paste the one provided by the Inboxes browser extension.

  4. Enter your UK Postcode and a password

  5. Verify your account by checking for the email in the Inboxes browser extension

Why does the BBC need my email address?

BBC iPlayer needs your email to log you in to your account. They will sometimes send you marketing emails and programme updates. Their website states:

If you agree, you’ll receive regular newsletters about the latest programmes, services and experiences from across the BBC. Sometimes we might personalise your newsletter based on how you’ve used BBC websites and apps while signed in.


Posted on: June 26, 2021 by Patrick

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