How to create a temporary email for 1 week or more

Sometimes you just need to create a temporary email for 1 week or more, be it to sign up to a new product, service or newsletter.

Creating a new Gmail or Hotmail account is too time consuming, and you’ll need to log out of your account each time you want to check them. That’s why we created, a simple browser extension which creates as many temporary emails as you’d like.

There’s no time limit what so ever. You can keep your temporary email for 1 week, or you can use it and delete it immediately.

How do temporary emails work?

Temporary email services like let users create as many temporary emails as they like. The email will usually be random, and often they are temporary. However puts you in control of the email address. You can choose to delete it immidiately, or if you’d like you can keep the temporary email 1 week or more. There really is no time limit.

Your emails all go into one inbox which sits in your browser as an extension. You don’t need to create an account, and as it’s a separate inbox to your personal one, so it won’t get filled with junk.

Rather than having many different email accounts, we put all your emails in to one handy inbox, so there’s no logging out and logging back in. It really is that simple!

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Why should I use for my temporary emails?

It’s a question we keep hearing, and it’s a simple one to answer:

The best part about using is that even if you intend on using a website in the future, but you’re done with hearing from them you can quickly delete the email address. Your login will still work, and you’ll never hear from them again.

What are the main uses for temporary emails?

Our users make use of for many reasons. Some use it for watching BBC iPlayer without needing to sign up with their email, or some users want a little more privacy and would rather join reddit without providing their real email. In some cases like with Yahoo, this was a service which was previous provided but is now a premium feature. These are absolutely legitimate reasons to use disposable and anonymous email addresses, and we’re sure you’ll have many more uses for it.

Some providers give temporary emails for 10 minutes, I want temporary emails 1 week, is that possible?

Absolutely – while some providers only give you an email for a few minutes, we put you in control for how long you’d like the email address. There’s no time limits with the browser extension, and you’ll always have access to your email addresses. We don’t require a login because we value your privacy, but each installation is provided a key which gains you access to your email addresses. That’s how we keep you in control and in charge of your accounts.

Posted: July 23, 2021 by Patrick


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